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GPS Navigation and Trap Tracking App specifically for Crawfishing

Designed for the special uses for Crawfish/Spiny lobster fishing to aid in recording trap/condo locations, and for navigating to the condos for fishing.

Features Include:

  • - Adding Trap locations
  • - Creating Areas of multiple traps organized by most efficient sequence.
  • - Navigating from trap to trap by the ordered area.
  • - Recording and displaying a tracklog of the area being searched so you don't search over the same track.
  • - Recording historical locations for a trap in order to anticipate its location in the future.
  • - Record the condition of each trap to help determine repairs needed or whether the trap has been found on the last search. Helps to make decisions on which traps to fish.
  • - Record the catch count for each visit and rate the quality of the catches from colour-coded "Hot" to "Cold".
  • - Automatic backup to SD-Card to protect data in case of device failure.
Note that this App is the single-use edition of the commercial Crawfisher PRO app. If you manage multiple boats and require the need to merge all of the data from each dive boat, please contact us about the PRO version of Crawfisher at

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Crawfisher LE

Release Notes

Release Version 7.66.00 - June 23 2023
- Added to Tap Menu-Area Menu, and to the "Area Editor"
     -"Move between closest". This will move the selected trap to be in between the two closest traps. Useful if you accidentally added a trap with ("Add to End", instead of "Insert").
     -"Move to start". This will move the selected trap to the start of the Area
     -"Move to end". This will move the selected trap to the end of the Area
- Added to "Select Area": Shows Area color on selector.
- Added: Set the Recently Visited State until this number of days has passed. The Trap color changes to indicate the trap has been recently visited. It will remain in this state until the specified number of days has passed.

Release Version 7.64.01 - Feb 16 2023
- Fixed: "Add Trap" on bottom bar.
- Fix for some route lines not displaying correctly.
- Added: Directional Arrows to trap.

Release Version 7.62.00 - Dec 7 2022
- Fix for some route lines not displaying correctly.

Release Version 7.61.00 - Aug 31 2022
- Fix for Selecting New Area after working a longer one.
- Added: BING Aerial maps.

Version 7.57.05 - May 4 2022
- View-Map Display. Added option to "Show Bottom Bar". Gives ability to use the entire screen height for the Dashboard. Add other Dash Items by double Tap to change an item.

Version 7.57.01 - Apr 15 2022
- PRO: Added options to upload date range of backups
- Portrait and Landscape Dashboards are now laid out differently
- Nav to Pt, Move Trap are now Fixed buttons at the bottom right of the dashboard. The rest of the dashboard is still scrollable. In portrait mode the buttons fill the bottom of the screen.
- Zoom bar changed to vertical format so they don't interfere with bottom buttons
- Trap menu: Added "Set 'Add Trap' Mode. When checked, this will swap "Nav to Pt" with Add Trap.

Version 7.56.06 - Apr 5 2022
- Fixed Select a Point and choose "Navigate to Pt"

Version 7.56.05 - Apr 4 2022
- Fixed crash on startup on Android 12 devices.

Version 7.56.03 - Mar 30 2022
- Added Multiple Select to Import Traps. Press and hold to activate checkboxes in the File Selector

Version 7.56.00 - Mar 21 2022
- In Data. Added "View Points" to view list of all traps and points and Edit, Delete, View or "Navigate to"
- In Data-Areas. Select Area and choose "View Points" to view all traps and points for the selected Area. Edit, Delete, View or "Navigate to" the points
- Backup Support. Backup data to main memory or to external SD-Card if found.
- In Settings. Added "Backup Settings" screen to control if/how/where backups are handled. Options include: "Automatic Backup on Exit", "Manual Backups", and Backup to Cloud. Can also Delete all Backups.
- Settings-General. Added option to Restore Default Settings. Useful in case the App has problems running.
- On startup, if the App was not shut down properly, then you will be prompted to Restore Settings on the next startup. Useful if the App is not responding or crashes on startup.

Version 7.54.00 - Feb 11 2022
- Added "Trap Quality" to Trap condition. Rate traps from HOT to COLD

Version 7.53.00 - Feb 4 2022
- Test UI and Features

Version 7.52.00 - Dec 15 2021 - First Alpha.